By Yvette Elcock
What’s the Word on the Street about Coaching Supervision?

What’s the Word on the Street about Coaching Supervision?

Following our June News Update, we wanted to share additional insights from the feedback and information of the nearly 50 members who took part. 

We’ve grouped them as the current state of play generally, and the three main areas of future opportunities for the Association that link to:

        Promote                        Engage                         Develop 

We are here to Promote coaching supervision to coaches, mentors, HR/LD/OD Professionals and Buyers.


We are here to Engage with our Members to help them share, learn, and create more supervision opportunities.


We are here to Develop our members to continuously improve their professional competence, standards, and learning.

 Perceptions of the current state of play 

You told us you:

  • Like our independence from any one accreditation body.
  • Want and enjoy a sense of connection.
  • Can sometimes feel disconnected. 

Our opportunites therefore are to:

  • Maintain our independence and continue to be the main campaigning voice for supervision.
  • Create campaign champions.
  • Create more regular connection opportunities for our members.
  • Promote key benefits and your stories of success. 

Perceptions of future opportunities to Promote 

You told us you want to:

  • Know our broad strategic approach going forwards.
  • Have us continue to forge strategic professional partnerships – especially with coach training bodies.
  • Maintain and enhance the Directory of supervisor members.
  • Build to a more critical mass and stronger identity promoting the essence and business of supervision. 

Our opportunities are therefore to :

  • Disseminate our strategy.
  • Create deeper connections and collaborations with partners.
  • Educate all our customers.
  • Increase supervision take-up across different populations of coaches.
  • Support us to develop a successful business. 

Perceptions of future opportunities to Engage 

You told us you want to:

  • Get maximum value from your membership.
  • Be part of an active, professional community.
  • Harness our global reach.
  • Add value and scale supervision processes.
  • Share experiences and network informally. 

Our opportunities are therefore to :

  • Continue to communicate benefits and search for more.
  • Create more connection opportunities nationally and internationally by dismantling geographic boundaries.
  • Research the important and urgent topics in the global arena for stakeholders.
  • Facilitate the setting up of like-minded special interest groups. 

 Perceptions of future opportunities to Develop 

You told us you want to:

  • Role model professional best practice and be known for it – virtually and face-to-face.
  • Undertake great continuous professional development.
  • Colalborate to furhter your personal, professional and practice development.
  • Explore any one of 15 named topics as potential starting points. 

Our opportunities are therefore to :

  • Extend availability and reach of development content on the website.
  • Identify and drive thought leadership on relevant cutting edge supervision topics.
  • Launch a feasibility study for a stand-alone supervision training module.
  • Kickstart a CPD schedule on ideas from the events.

 Stay tuned for action priorities and in the meantime our request for you:

Thank you to all who took part for speaking so authentically and passionately about our profession and what a great AOCS would look like to help us continue to set us up for success over the next ten years.

Contact us at  [email protected]


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