By Joanne Searle
What do Coaches say about their experience of Supervision?

What do Coaches say about their experience of Supervision?

I have written before (in COMENSA news, March 2009) about supervision, what I see the value and function of supervision to be and the importance of supervision for our professionalism as coaches. I also want to reiterate how critical the role of supervision is in our personal and professional development. Any of you who know me know how passionate I am about the need for, and value of supervision. So, I decided to ask a number of coaches to share their experience of supervision. All the coaches quoted below have experience of formal supervision, mainly in a group context.

In response to the question, "What is the value of supervision to you?" a group of coaches in supervision said:

  • I get so much from the wisdom of the group, from other coaches – it is phenomenal learning.
  • It is an affirming growth space. A place where I can show my vulnerability and answer the question "Am I doing the right thing with my clients?"
  • Before I came in to a supervision group I didn't know what to expect and I discovered I could share my vulnerability and risk the question "am I doing the right thing with my clients?"
  • I thought a supervision group would be comparative and competitive and in fact I have found it to be supportive and generative.
  • It is a normalizing space – we recognise that the challenges faced by us individually as coaches are faced by all coaches.
  • It demystifies what we imagine other coaches are doing, how much work they have and how much they charge.
  • Supervision is the most powerful form of CPD
  • Supervision makes me more confident with my clients, because I learn so much form supervision and my peers
  • Supervision helps me define myself more clearly and helps me learn new things and add to my tool box.
  • Sometimes it's really practical, I can find out how to do something I haven't done before.
  • It's a safe, learning reflective process.
  • I can work things out myself through talking about clients with my supervisor or in the group and with the help of the questions I gain insight.
  • Group supervision is a lot more powerful than one-on-one.
  • I really benefit from the different disciplines and approaches of the coaches in the group. I learn about different ways of framing questions and different tools from the diversity.
  • I tend to work on my own, so the monthly connection with other coaches is very helpful, supportive and I feel less isolated.
  • I really like being able to share my experience and hear from others, I feel less isolated.

Need I say more? If you are not already in supervision, please go out now and find yourself a supervisor, there are plenty of qualified supervisors in the world! I believe without a doubt that supervision is your best investment in on-going professional development! It certainly is mine.

Article authored by Joanne Searle: [email protected]

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