Coaching Supervision Research Report published

Coaching Supervision Research Report published

A research study to learn more about a broad range of issues related to coaching supervision, current state of practice, and perceptions of coaches who work with a Coach Supervisor.

The report analysed data in 2019 from nearly 1300 participants and covers demographics, gender, fees, individual and group supervision, benefits, and the experience of supervisors.

Among the findings are the following highlights:

  • Coaching supervision is a well-accepted practice, especially for coaches in Europe
  • 88% of the coaches reported experiencing individual coaching supervision, while 65% have experienced group supervision
  • The topics most frequently explored by coaches are client-related issues/challenges/situations
  • The most helpful supervisor behaviors concerned the content, rather than the process, of coaching supervision. Most helpful was when their supervisor offered their own perspective, ideas, advice and/or experience during supervision sessions.
  • The research highlighted that there is a sometimes a lack of clarity between coaching supervision and mentor coaching
  • There were mixed perceptions about the cost of supervision, with fees varying widely
  • The top five areas that coaches valued about their individual supervision experience were: new perspectives, insight and approaches; the opportunity to develop; having the time and space to reflect, plus reassurance about their coaching
  • Benefits of Coaching Supervision included: working through a client challenge, space for me to gain greater clarity, developing my coaching skills (e.g. contracting, powerful questions), learning from their supervisor’s experience, developing confidence in their coaching, and working through a personal challenge
  • The report findings indicate is that coaches want their Coach Supervisors to more actively share information that might speed their learning and insight, as well as professional development

We thank them for this useful research and insight into what coaches want.

The full report is available to download here:

The research report authors are:

Kimcee McAnally, PhD, PCC
Lilian Abrams PhD, MBA, MCC
Mary Jo Asmus, PCC
Terry H. Hildebrandt, PhD, MCC, MCEC

They look forward to any feedback you have: [email protected]

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