By Keri Phillips
Coaching the Shadow and the Transition Curve

Coaching the Shadow and the Transition Curve

The model gives a framework for recognising some of the common reactions to change, across two axes. One is Time and the other is Sense of Personal Competence; the latter focussing on the extent to which the person feels capable of handling the challenges of the change. Normally the line is shown finishing at a higher point than at the start; that is to say, learning from the experience of change hopefully enhances one’s skills and self-confidence. 

Model framework

I suggest that the focus and challenge is about creating some new and different solid ground from which to make sense of oneself in the world. For me this is about finding one’s own path, balancing intimacy and separation, recognising that sometimes intimacy can drift into engulfment and separation into abandonment. Attention to such drifts is the joint work of coach and client

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