By Peter Welch
Book review: Coaching Supervision - advancing practice, changing landscapes

Book review: Coaching Supervision - advancing practice, changing landscapes

I am delighted to review this exciting and innovative new book, edited by Jo Birch and Peter Welch, on the changing landscape of coaching supervision.

This book is unique in that it covers topics and themes at the outer edge of coaching supervision practice and brings fresh and often thought-provoking perspectives. I enjoyed the variety of contributions spanning both individual and team coach supervision, including insights from neuroscience and the often unexplored ‘shadow’ side of our profession. 

As a researcher into Executive Reflective practice, similar to but distinct from Leadership Supervision, I particularly related to the sets of behaviours put forward by Jo Birch and Louie Gardiner in Chapter 2 - opening up an ‘alternative lens’, plus the insights gained from delving into the unconscious mind of the supervisor with Dr Sandra Wilson in Chapter 4. I really experienced the dive into the often cloudy waters of the supervision ocean with Patrick Hobbs in Chapter 5 – Working in the Shadows.

Engaging with ‘all of the client’s reality even if some of it is painful or challenging’ and not feeling the need to throw them a lifeline, but to drift slowly upwards where the darkness meets the crack of light on the surface.  I was also drawn to the wonderful questions and deep creative power of reflective practice when exploring the supervisor’s three lenses in Chapter 12 - Supervision’s oasis for leaders and people practitioners by Elaine Patterson.

It is rare that a book on coaching supervision invites the reader to consider so many fresh perspectives and uniquely deep relational ways of working. Supervising at the edge of the professional boundaries, holding a mirror to our darker side, exploring the impact and implications of neuroscience and delving into the virtual and mainly unexplored world of AI.

Like the oceans of our world there is much to discover and we need to be continually curious in order to be fully equipped as we go forward into the future of coaching supervision in our Global Virtual and Diverse world. This book expands our coaching supervision horizons and allows us to deepen our knowledge and heighten our awareness of often unchartered waters. 

Jackie Arnold - ICF Accredited Coach & Dip CSA Coach Supervisor. Co-founder and Champion of AOCS

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