By Leen Lambrechts-Noël
Why do only 15% of European (team) coaches have a coach supervisor?

Why do only 15% of European (team) coaches have a coach supervisor?

An international study of the reveals that only 15% of the European coaches has a supervisor.

Coach supervision is a relative new profession in Belgium because the (team) coaching profession is not that old itself. A qualitative offer of good supervisors is hard to find unless we find our way through our own coach training institutes or via a professional supervision body such as

Besides this, there are may be a lot of limiting beliefs and misunderstanding about "SUPERvision". One might associate this word with assessment or certification procedures.

We put some thought provoking hypotheses on paper and invite you to reflect what could be applicable to those who do not choose to be supervised yet:

  • Do coaches fear a supervisor 'who knows better' and do they imagine they will feel less competent afterwards?
  • Do coaches love their freedom so much that it has become a pitfall, so that they have to do everything alone?
  • Do coaches fear that they will have to do a coaching demonstration followed by feedback and that they will be assessed?
  • Do coaches not have the courage to observe themselves with fresh and critical eyes?
  • Do coaches rather keep their moments of shame and doubt for themselves?
  • Are coaches not open to a transformational process for themselves? Do they rather stay in their comfort zone, connected with the illusion to have everything under control?
  • Do coaches fear to lose face in a group with other coaches when they reveal something that was not good enough?
  • Are coaches afraid they will get out of balance when supervision might cause turbulence?
  • Do coaches rather stay hidden with their doubts so that their self-image will not be touched?
  • Are coaches fearing that their colleagues from group supervision will influence their reputation in the market?
  • Do coaches rather choose to follow additional training through which they feel more free to conclude what to change or not?
  • ...

What would be your reason for NOT chosing supervision?  



A paradox ...

As coach we like to invite our clients …

… to make conscious choices and keep on progressing;

… to measure their progress and results ;

… to build on their network to find support in their change process;

… to look through the lens of sustainable growth;

… and yet ... 

... we don't make time enough time to critically review our work and to discover our hidden patterns and blind spots that influence the quality of our work with clients?


How will we explain this to our clients? 

I like to read your comments on this!


If you know any research on the reasons why coaches postpone coach supervision, I'd be glad to read this as well.

Leen Lambrechts

[email protected] 



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