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What a year 2022 has been for AOCS!

What a year 2022 has been for AOCS!

At the outset, we met new leads taking the reins and through the regular News Updates we got some insights into the great work they are doing.  Thank you to the Leads Team and the Board for all their contributions to the growth of AOCS, and to involving more members as we move into the New Year!

Our monthly Co-Supervision Space run by Michelle Lucas and Yvette Elcock offered members opportunities for learning and practice around Eclectic, Existential, Gestalt, Person-Centered, Positive Psychology, Psycho-Dynamic and Transpersonal Coaching Supervision Approaches. In these sessions, we were offered opportunities to share our experience of using these techniques and to learn from and with each other.

We would like to thank Michelle and Yvette for bringing members together for another year of rich learning. They have put so much of themselves into these sessions which have been appreciated by all who attended.

Our Regional Coordinators met monthly throughout 2022 to share experiences and viewpoints of Coaching Supervision in our regions and brainstorm how to work together with a worldwide overview in 2023 and beyond. Here is where you can always find the list of Regional Coordinators .

Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Lead, Felicia Lauw has held space for members, attended Roundtables and spoken at Conferences. Felicia uses a supervisory style in the way she connects with people, has engaged coaches and supervisors in attending to questions that matter at the core of connectedness:

Can I see you?
Can I see me?
Do I want to see you?
Do I want to see me?
Felicia is now joined by Fenella Trevillion to take forward the work of engaging our members, to develop ourselves and create a more inclusive community through the way we work together. We are all encouraged to continue side by side, being curious about our differences, and discovering what is common between us, one relationship at a time.

Climate and ecosystem change has been another of the big themes we put our energy into, as people everywhere seek what can be done and what is theirs to do! We have worked across the profession with 11 professional bodies to raise awareness and appropriate responsibility at the level of the profession, organisations, groups and individuals. The Joint Global Signatory Group on Ecosystem and Climate has kicked off a series of free Roundtables for coaches, mentors, coaching psychologists and supervisors to figure out together and individually how they will change in their practices and how they can build confidence and skills to respond and adapt to all the interconnected change.

AOCS' turn to co-create two Roundtable Events comes in March, with two events, with more of a Supervision flavour to them. 

AOCS has been proud to promote our members who have been busy writing new publications for Coaching Supervision! Publications we have covered this year, included:
Creative Reflective Practice
Dr   Clare Beckett-McInroy co-authored with Sameera Ali Baba.

Choir of Brave Voices
Gillian Walter 

101 Coaching Supervision Techniques, Approaches, Enquiries and Experiments.
Michelle Lucas (and writing team)

Coaching Supervision Groups: Resourcing Practitioners
Edited by Jo Birch and written by experienced coaching supervisors
Picturing Coaching Supervision
Nick Bolton
The Cross-Cultural Coaching Kaleidoscope: A Systems Approach to Coaching Amongst Different Cultural Influences  
Jenny Plaister-Ten
Coaching and Supervising Through Bereavement: A Practical Guide to Working With Grief and Loss.
Julia Menaul and Maggie João 
Coaching for Optimal Energy: A Guide for Executive Coaches
Viv Chitty 
The Transformational Coach: Free your Thinking and Break Through to Coaching Mastery.
Clare Norman
Have you published a book this year relevant to Coaching Supervisors or have one in the pipeline?
AOCS members can promote their relevant books to our members from their profiles and have them featured in our News Update and Social Media.

AOCS has also been proud to introduce ‘Members’ Voice‘ as a platform to share member-run events, articles and blogs. Please keep us updated with the great things you have
planned for 2023 and let us support you!

The place to start is your profile: login and go to “My Account” to post Groups, Events, Articles or Blogs from your profile, that can then be featured in our News Updates ("AOCS NUs!") and Social Media posting.

Steve Ridgley and Clare Norman surpassed 100 episodes of their Podcast: "Lifting the Lid on Coaching Supervision" in 2022 with AOCS’s support and we are very much looking forward to new episodes in 2023!

We continue to reach people through our Coaching at Work column, for which we will always welcome fresh material. Voicing different aspects and approaches to Coaching Supervision as well as how it adds value to coaches, and keeping coaches thinking about what Coaching Supervision might bring to them, is what we are achieving in this magazine, and we are now broadening to other magazines, such as Choices. Do contact Jenny Brown with ideas..

Don’t forget to keep an eye on all the insightful and resourceful events coming up in 2023 on our Global Events Planner and let Kim or Petra know of anything that should be included in there. Follow us on our social media platforms, and keep engaging with us there so we can bring our messages about Coaching Supervision to all in the Coaching industry.

Many thanks for whatever you contributed this year as a member, and we look forward to engaging you again next year and connecting more coaches with supervisors in 2023.

Many thanks to Gillian and all the team for preparing this summary for us to share.

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