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Statement regarding the conflict in Ukraine

Statement regarding the conflict in Ukraine

The AOCS Board wishes to express our support of all peoples impacted by the conflict in Ukraine following the shocking  illegal actions of the Russian State and Military Forces. We unequivocally condemn the unprovoked, sustained and aggressive invasion of Ukraine by the Russian government. 

Taking into consideration the various worldwide views, we continue to reinforce our support for all those unjustly caught up in war through no fault of their own and hope for a return to peace with full consideration of the human rights of all peoples. 

Given our efforts to improve diversity and inclusion, we have sadly taken steps to review our outreach, our suppliers, organisational members, and training providers. We want to be sure that we are acting with proper regard to the letter and the spirit of sanctions and laws and preventing the Russian and Belarusian regimes from invoking more harm with any involvement with our Association.

Having carefully considered the alternatives, we feel it's important to look at how we can work through coaching supervision to support good practice, and this remains even more important with the upheaval and multiple terrible impacts of war to be thought through. 

We are here to support the profession and our professional members round the globe during this distressing time and we choose to include all voices and encourage supervisors to use this safe(r) space to reflect together?  Conduits for quality dialogue and learning are perhaps even more important at this time.

Specifically, we remind Coaching Supervisors of the Global Code of Ethics, especially clause 2.12 “Members will act within applicable law and not in any way encourage, assist or collude with conduct which is dishonest, unlawful, unprofessional or discriminatory.”

Collectively, this is a good time to remember the importance of ethical decision -making through good use of:

  • ethical sensitivity, raising awareness of own and others values and beliefs, 
  • exploring practice, in the light of contracts, ethics, new sanctions and laws,
  • extending the field into the professional context and the systemic context,
  • identifying and operationalising options and picking the very best possibilities
  • acting on reflections and reflecting on learning and sharing for further development.

These form part of the work of coaching supervisors and promoting this is the work of our global Association.

This is our current position. And we have one question to reflect on, which came from a member in the region immediately neighbouring Ukraine. we are invited to consider at this moment in history: 

“What is needed from each of us in order to be a sustainable world society, with no war, with no hunger, with a responsible use of resources?”  

As circumstances change, we can all consider and respond accordingly. 

Our thoughts are with all people unjustly impacted by conflicts and territorial disputes. Our wishes are for their safety and for a swift and just end to all illegal conflicts.

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