By Michelle Lucas
Co-Supervision Space…

Co-Supervision Space…


Our 2021 Lessons Learned and plans for 2022!

Happy Birthday to us!! We are now 1-year old as a learning community! Both myself and Yvette Elcock decided to take some time to reflect on the lessons learned from our connection and collaboration with members in 2021. We’re now using that review to continue and consolidate this development opportunity for AOCS members into 2022!

 Let’s re-cap a little…. the driver for setting up Co-Supervision Space was to overcome the coaching supervisor’s Catch-22:

  • How do supervisors avoid becoming habituated in how they work with their supervisees? e. How do they keep their practice fresh?

And yet …

  • Where can they practice new techniques before experimenting directly with a client? i.e. Where do they safely continue to develop their professional skills?


And what we hoped to achieve was:

  • A community of engaged professional coaching supervisors who take an ethical approach to extending their skills, choosing to hone their practice with their fellow supervisors before they use them with their supervisees.
  • A rich and generous sharing of knowledge and experience with techniques for individual supervision.
  • A trusted network of experienced colleagues to turn to for peer practice outside of the Co-Supervision sessions


Our Active Reflections....

So what happened?  What did we all achieve?

Well, all 11 planned sessions ran with a fabulous international perspective despite some tricky time zones to manage.  Participants stretched from Canada and the US to Australia.  In fact we had to increase the maximum number of participants who could book after the first quarter of the year.


Across the year we had 169 bookings meaning we delivered 338 hours of development.  So here is a big THANK YOU to everyone who engaged with us.


Feedback across the year was overwhelmingly positive:

  • From January 2021 - "I found it useful to practice the techniques myself and to observe and experience the techniques as practiced by others in my triad - so much easier to do it in a safe space where you can get it wrong rather than trying it out for the first time on a real client".
  • From April 2021 - "It has a good structure, support materials, and we were able to carry on and finish all three rounds. It was also useful to learn from the other participants. Being my first time it exceeded my expectations."
  • From July 2021 - "Once again a great opportunity for experimentation and learning from experience."
  • From December 2021 – “Living and working in France and only ever really sharing my practice as a Coach and Supervisor with French professionals, I really enjoyed “meeting” practitioners from all over the world operating in their respective cultures. This helped me to expand my practice from focusing too much on only thinking, analysis and depth. The French naturally go in these directions as do I 😊So for me, diversity in terms of participants is a critical success factor.” (Nicholas McIntosh Profile Page)
  • Throughout 2021 – “A brilliant member benefit.”


And of course there was room for improvement:

  • From February 2021 - "A reminder to access the techniques in advance. It completely passed me by this time so I came in a little cool.”
  • December 2021 – “I know I’m preaching to the converted here, but my ROI was always much higher when I did the preparation : printing off the methods, reading them, thinking about what I wanted to practice, deciding what I was going to bring as the Supervisee.”
  • Throughout 2021 – “More shared reflection / plenary debrief time please” feedback.”


Our Reflective Actions...


What’s our 2022 aspirations then?


2022 Vision

Strengthening our professional community through facilitating learning opportunities – sharing our experiences to help enliven our work and our profession.


2022 Plans


·       Bring forward the start time to 11:00 to enable Asia Pacific to join in more easily earlier  in the evening, and maybe any US early birds, so 11:00 – 13:00.

·       A different format for every fourth session that facilitates more plenary time as a response to feedback during 2021:

·         90 minutes

·         Check-in and poll of all techniques from the previous three sessions

·         Discuss the Top 3 in more detail – intention, intervention, and impact

·         Check-out and Mentimeter

·         Members need to have attended two of the previous months ideally

·       Keep plugging away at encouraging participants to prepare!

If you’ve yet to experience Co-Supervision then come along and join us – always the first Friday of the month, always starting at 11:00 UK time.  You are now able to book ahead for the whole year if you choose to. Here’s the link to EventBrite.  Remember these events are open to all levels of AOCS membership – and the only cost is your time.


We hope to see you soon!

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