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Our response to the Climate Crisis

Our response to the Climate Crisis

Have you heard about the Joint Global Position Statement?

This statement is unprecedented in the history of coaching and a response to the Climate Crisis. 9 Professional bodies around the world have agreed our commitments to play our part in addressing the Climate Emergency. This document will change things in the coaching and supervision space. Read this historic document here:

As humankind faces one of its biggest challenges yet, coaches are likely to be seeing new themes coming into their practices:

- brought by clients seeking to respond to the Climate Crisis,

- or coaches may themselves be feeling moved to introduce the subject of the climate and biodiversity crisis as part of reality or legacy conversations.

Raising awareness and providing safe and challenging spaces for others to reflect on their role  and responsabilities around Climate Change and Biodiversity decline is likely to be a part of our working lives going forward.

It seems important for coaches and coaching supervisors to prepare well for these conversations, and what better way than through a series of dialogue sessions hosted by 6 of the professional bodies who signed the Joint Global Statement on Climate recently, and co-hosted by the more recent signatories, including myself for AoCS in my role as member of the Discovery Team.


Here is a link to the flyer for these 6 dates during November 2020:

Do you have questions you would like to pose, or like me to ask?

I look forward to seeing you at one of these events.



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