By Yvette Elcock
‘Increasing the Take-Up of Paid Supervision: What is Your Supervision worth?’

‘Increasing the Take-Up of Paid Supervision: What is Your Supervision worth?’

First of all, I'd like to say a big thank you to fellow AOCS member Colin Wilson for leading this Midlands Regional Meeting looking at the subject of pricing for the work we do.

His positioning was that once qualified, take-up of Supervision by coaches and organisational consultants can be quite low and that resistance to paying a particular fee rate can be a barrier.

We covered a range of topics during his presentation:

  • The value of supervision
  • Reasons for not having supervision
  • Price resistance from coaches
  • Measuring return-on-investment for coaching and supervision
  • How to agree a price for a service not yet delivered, or even understood

After a quick check-in amongst the 6 of us Colin expertly took us through different research outcomes and his thinking.


Some key points:

  • The reminder of the whole value or performance chain that we impact in our work - From coaching supervisor to Supervisee/Coach to Coach Client to Client System
  • That this longer chain may better define our added value and help position our work and fees with prospective Supervisees
  • The challenge then becomes more about how to translate this value into quantitative and qualitative measures - LIGHTBULB moment for me: I do this with leadership development workshops and have not transferred this skill across to the coaching supervision element of my work!
  • Look to optimise a WIN-WIN outcome; good does not have to equal pro bono!
  • Move away from a deficit cost discussion towards an abundance of partnership thinking, shared learning and co-created experiences
  • His value of performance equation
  • Maybe our profession remains naive and that this naivety creates uncertainly and a lack of trust in our pricing structures
  • There is a perception of some shift in our Supervisee/Coach clients, and much educational work still to do with organisations and their internal coaching models
  • Price resistance will remain and the need for a due diligence process like coaching supervision - that balances risk and liability with growth and development, rigour with empathy -  is particulary important with the global pandemic context

Thanks to Anne Archer, Dawn Bentley, Deryn HOlland and Peter Duffell for their contributions to the discussion.


Here's to our next meeting!

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