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To complete this step you will need:

  • a current profile to draw details from, to create a short profile
  • your supervisor's contact details (our Membership Secretary will contact your supervisor(s) for references; please note that for internal and peer supervisors, two references will be needed)
  • professional indemnity insurance details (don't need a copy thanks)
  • If you are an AC, CSA, EMCC, ICF, LVSC accredited supervisor, please indicate this on the form.
  • professional indemnity insurance details (don't need a copy thanks)
  • information/qualifications from other associations you may be a member of; your supervisory qualifications (or training programme if not yet qualified), accreditation (or progress towards accreditation), relevant experience, numbers of supervisees, etc.
  • your promotional code e.g. as an AC/CSA/EMCC/ICF/LVSC member (if you don't have this just cite the association you belong to)
  • This information is needed for your application only and for our records; they can be shown on your online profile (approved by you)

  • Once completed, click 'submit application' link so that a supervisor's reference can be sought (you may like to alert your supervisor to this). Please note that, for peer supervision and for internal supervisors, an additional supervisor reference may be needed

  • You have a choice how to pay your membership fee - either by BACS (preferred), Stripe or via PayPal, where you can use any leading debit or credit card. We will provide an invoice to enable payment and for your records. Any discount applied will reduce the initial year's membership fee; a £10 joining fee is applied in year one only.

  • After your application has been approved, you will be emailed your log-in details for you to then complete your 'Marketing Profile' (a longer profile). Your profile can then go 'live' on the website and people can see you/your location on the Coverage map on the website.
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