For Coach Supervisors

How does a coach find you?

Some coaches report that they cannot find a good supervisor locally and don't know where to start looking - we have done the work for you. Coaches seeking supervision, and Buyers seeking supervisors, can find you easily by checking the map and to view your mini and full profile. If there is no one near them, they may consider supervision by telephone or Skype.

How the process works

Your mini-profile will be shown on the Coverage map, enabling interested coaches to sample a little about you and your work. They can then ‘click through’ to read your full profile, qualifications, testimonials, and see your price range, to help them decide who to contact for a quote.

Once decided, they can make direct contact with you to discuss their needs and you can contract in the usual way. AOCS will not get involved in that process at all. This benefit is part of your membership.

Please keep a note of the number of enquiries you receive to demonstrate the value AOCS membership brings to you. We would like to hear your feedback about how well this process works and any improvements you can suggest to enhance the service.

We also provide a range of helpful benefits to support your membership, including insurance cover, coaching magazine subscription, book and conference fee discounts, reduced workshop and seminar fees, etc.


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