For buyers of Coaching Supervision

Accessing experienced coach supervisors

We know that internal and external coaches need regular supervision, and increasingly corporate clients and procurement specialists make evidence of regular supervision part of their quality assurance and selection processes. They also want to assess how good a supervisor is before they select them to work with their organisation.

We also know that a lot of organisations don't “get" supervision (yet), may be nervous of the concept or, more worryingly, think that they don’t need it!

We want to offer organisations and buyers a choice of professional and experienced coaching supervisors so that that they can feel confident in selecting supervisors who will do an excellent job.

Accredited coaching supervisors are members who have received formal and extensive training in coaching supervision - most are accredited with a major coaching body, and all subscribe to a code of ethics and hold professional indemnity insurance for this work. They retain membership of their own professional body, actively maintain their CPD, and are in regular supervision themselves.

We cannot provide specific individual endorsements or recommendations, but suggest you set up a short trial period with a new supervisor to see if they are compatible with the organisation's culture.

AOCS can assist in resourcing larger-scale requirements for supervisors, perhaps for a multi-site organisation or where a significant number of supervisors are needed to support a coaching initiative, tender or contract. Please contact us to discuss your need for supervisors, here and abroad.

We can also help organisations to understand the value that supervision brings and the role supervisors can perform to the benefit of all - coaches, mentors, the coaching clients, senior management, Learning and Development, OD, HR, and other stakeholders. Please contact us to run an introductory and demonstration session for the management team.

We are currently providing supervisors to resource several coaching networks. Contact us to find out more about this.

We are offering organsational membership - from micro, small, medium, to large and multinational sized organisations - please see our organisational membership page for more info.

AOCS would like to build a dialogue with buyers of supervision. We can arrange 'meet the supervisors' events where you could discuss your needs and concerns confidentially, and hear from talented professionals in their field. We also review the latest trends in the coaching/mentoring/OD/supervision field and can show how our members can meet them.

We are keen to regularly survey buyer's needs and to share the collective results with you. If you are interested in being part of a confidential survey, please contact us.


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