Our Honorary Members, Advisors, & Lifetime Members

AOCS has regular support and guidance from our Honorary Members and from Advisors who are specialists in their field. They frequently offer their time, resources, run Master Classes, and provide contacts, to assist us with strategic issues and networking, and we are very grateful for their generous support.

Here are just a selection of our members, that include:

robin shohet2Robin Shohet co-founded the Centre for Supervision and Team Development and is an author of several books on supervision


resizedimage91104 Edna Murdoch

Edna Murdoch, co-founder of CSA



Miriam Orriss, co-founder of CSA


Julie HayJulie Hay - co-founder of the EMCC. Leads the International Centre for Developmental Super-Vision and is an author/editor of the International Journal of Transactional Analysis Research.

Erik 2013Erik de Haan is Ashridge’s Director of the Centre for Coaching and programme leader of the Advanced Coaching & O.D. Supervision Programme. He publishes on coaching, supervision and consulting. Erik is an ex-Chair of AOCS.

Katharine St John Brooks4 Katharine St John-Brooks - executive coach, speaker and author on internal coaching


nancy klineNancy Kline is President of Time To Think, an international leadership development and coaching company. She is also a published author and public speaker.


David ClutterbuckDavid Clutterbuck - internationally renowned author, EMCC co-founder, and 'mentoring guru', member of our Strategy Group


Lis Merrick

Lis Merrick is our Mentoring Adviser for all things related to mentoring, and is EMCC UK President 


PePenny Tompkinsnny Tompkin author and expert in Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling 


James Lawley

James Lawley author and expert in Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling 


Thornton, Christine   Christine Thornton - author, experienced supervisor, trainer and group leader for coaches and consultants


Sara Hope2Sara Hope – Advisor on Internal Coaching. Managing Director at The Conversation Space; member of our Strategy Group


Emily CosgroveEmily Cosgrove – Adviser on internal mentoring. Managing Director at The Conversation Space, member of our Strategy Group 


Katherine Long 13 150x150

Katherine Long - AOCS Chair, Honorary Member, Strategy Group member, and was co-project leader for 'Across Boundaries' (our joint open space event), and several master classes for AOCS  


JackJackie Aie Arnold - our 'AOCS Ambassador' - a roving role to spot and initiate opportunities for our members. Jackie is also a published author and public speaker.


Alison HodgeDr Alison Hodge - executive coach, individual and team coaching supervisor, member of our Strategy Group


Lifetime membership is awarded to those individuals who have made a substantial and lasting contribution to the field of coaching supervision. Their work is appreciated and honoured by AOCS members. Our Lifetime Members are
Fiona Adams and Michael Carroll: 

fiona adamsonFiona Adamson - Honorary Member and a pioneer in the field. Her writing has influenced many coaches and Fiona a very experienced and empathetic supervisor.


michael carroll

Michael Carroll - founder of the Centre for Supervision Training, brilliant teacher, speaker and inspirational writer and author. 


Our current list of Honorary Members & Advisors is here to download


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