Organisational Membership types & fees

Please select the membership type that best describes your organisation, as one size doesn't fit all! Do take into account your total employee size/locations, the current resource capability for coaching and supervision, the status of your 'coaching culture', and any specific needs or issues you may need to address now or in the near future.

We are flexible to your needs so, if you need help or guidance on selecting the right level of membership for your organisation, please contact us.

Click on the relevant application form below; benefits and fee range are attached there. Fee structure

From 1st January, 2016 a £10 Joining Fee will be added to all new organisational joiner fees, for the first year only. This is to cover additional time and processing costs incurred by the AOCS membership team.

  • Small organisations, SMEs and 'micro' enterprises, training schools/companies, coaching networks, entrepreneur networks, small charities, not-for-profit, & voluntary organisations
  • Total staff size typically under 250 full-time-equivalents
  • Interested in establishing a coaching/mentoring culture/adopting a coaching-style of managing staff
  • May have several internal coaches/mentors and/or use external coaches to develop their people resources
  • Interested in knowing more about coaching supervision/accessing coaching supervision as a resource/keeping abreast of trends in the field of coaching and mentoring
  • See our list of benefits of membership

Small and micro organisations

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  • Medium-sized organisations, SMEs, training schools/companies, universities offering coaching & mentoring qualifications, local Government. Third sector - larger charities, not-for-profit organisations.
  • Total staff size typically under 500 full-time-equivalents
  • Interested in developing their coaching/mentoring culture; in building a coaching-style of managing, and in developing talent and succession plans; keen on learning about best practice in supervision/coaching/mentoring
  • May have a number of internal coaches/mentors and/or use external coaches to develop their people resources
  • Interested in accessing coaching supervision as a resource/creating an internal coaching supervision resource
  • See our list of benefits of membership

Medium organisations

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  • Larger-sized organisations possibly operating in several countries/globally, major Government departments.
  • Total staff size typically over 500 full-time-equivalents, maybe based in both UK and other countries worldwide
  • Focused on extending their coaching/mentoring culture, on developing talent and succession plans, on sharing knowledge and harvesting learning
  • Will probably have an internal coaching/mentoring capability; may selectively use executive coaches for senior management
  • Focused on best practice in supervision/coaching/mentoring and on accessing external coaching supervisors as a resource and/or in creating and developing an internal coaching supervision capability
  • See our list of benefits of membership

Large organisations

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Need help selecting your membership type?

If you are unsure which membership type is best for you, please contact us and we will be happy to help.


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