Membership types for individuals & fees

Please select the membership type that best describes you. Do contact us for guidance if you are unsure which type of membership will suit your background best. We will try to be flexible and to meet your needs.

If you need help or guidance, please contact us:

If you have been given a promotional code to access a discount, please have that ready to enter soon.

Current membership fees* are:

  • Accredited Coaching Supervisor: £90 per year
  • Associate Member: £45 per year
  • Affiliate Member~: £45 per year
  • Coach/Mentor/OD/L&D/HR Member: £40 per year

* fees are adjusted for members of the AC, CSA, EMCC, ICF, & LVSC (Holland) in their first year of membership. Enter the promotional code, if you know it, issued by your organisation/association/academy; if not known, just enter your association e,g EMCC.

* transaction fees for using PayPay, Stripe, etc. are slightly higher to cover card processing charges i.e. £94, £47, £47 & £42 respectively. 

~Affiliate member applicants can seek guidance from our list of recognised training organisations.

A £10 Joining Fee is added to all new joiner fees for the first year only. This is to cover additional time and processing costs incurred by the AOCS membership team.


You are...

  • Experienced in providing a wide range of coaching supervision, and in a commercial context
  • Qualified in coaching supervision through formal training; may be awaiting accreditation
  • Actively offering coaching supervision, either in groups/teams or 1-1, face-to-face or virtually

Accredited Coaching Supervisor

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You are an...

  • Experienced supervisor in a therapeutic/psychological/counselling context
  • Qualified and accredited in supervision but lacking in experience of supervising coaches, mentors, etc. in a broader or commercial context
  • Wishing to transfer existing knowledge/experience to a business/organisational context

Associate Member

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You are an...

  • Experienced, senior coach or mentor; have some supervision experience supporting others
  • Qualified coach but lacking experience of supervising coaches/mentors in a broader context
  • Lacking formal/recognised qualifications in coaching supervision* 
  • An internal coach with some training/qualifications but not yet accredited in supervision by a leading association

Affiliate Member

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You are...

  • Independent coach/mentor wishing to learn more about coaching supervision
  • Internal coach/mentor offering internal support to internal staff and interested in coaching supervision
  • Lacking or have not yet completed formal training and accreditation to practise as a coaching supervisor
  • Specialists in OD, L&D, and HR who are interested in supervision and its benefits for their initiatives

Coach/Mentor/OD/L&D/HR Member

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Need help selecting your membership type?

If you are unsure which membership type is best for you, please contact us and we will be happy to help.


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