How to become a member of AOCS

We have tried to make the process of joining easy, so please see the FAQs, the criteria for membership, the benefits and fees page. We mainly attract qualified and accredited supervisors, but also attract experienced coaches, mentors, OD practitioners, L&D, and HR executives who may wish to learn more about supervision or aspire to become qualified supervisors.

Affiliate Membership is available initially for those who want to learn more and get trained. Internal coach-mentors and supervisors are very welcome to join too. We also welcome Coach/Mentor/OD/L&D/HR professionals who wish to get involved and learn more about how supervision can benefit their discipline. See our types of membership and seek help if you are unsure which type to select.

We also welcome organisations of all sizes to join us too, to help support their 'coaching culture'. Click on Membership for Organisations below.

We aim to respond quickly to your application and will seek reference(s) from your supervisor, as applicable. Once approved and the fee is paid, you can complete a marketing profile to begin promoting yourself to prospective clients, on the 'supervision map'.

Members may come from a range of disciplines, such as:

  • Independent coaches and mentors who are qualified supervisors
  • Employed, internal coach supervisors, coaches and mentors
  • L&D specialists with a responsibility for building a coaching culture/talent pools
  • HR generalists with a remit to ensure the quality of coaching services provided
  • OD practitioners who are using coaching as part of the strategy to develop the organisation's resources and capacity
  • Qualified supervisors from the therapy or counselling disciplines, who wish to move into the coaching/mentoring field

Organisations of all sizes can become members, and may include:

  • Companies experiencing change who are using coaching as a key strategy to achieve success
  • Companies aiming to develop a 'coaching culture'
  • Public sector – Government departments and local authorities – or third sector organisations, who need their internal coaches to be supervised and to sustain their accreditation and CPD
  • Coaching Associations who want to promote and offer ongoing supervision to their members
  • Coach Training Schools, universities and FE colleges who want to offer supervision to their coaches/mentors whilst ‘in training’, and to support their continuing development afterwards
  • Sponsors and Partners can form alliances with AOCS - please enquire by completing our General Contact form

Come and join us!

Membership is renewable annually. See our Benefits page to see what your fee brings you. Organisations who wish to become members can view their own benefits and fees on the Organisational Membership page.

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