AOCS Complaints Procedure

What to do if you're not satisfied with our service

If you have a complaint, we really want to hear from you. We welcome your comments, as they give us the opportunity to put things right and improve the service. We want to deal with your concerns as quickly as possible, so we've set up a two-step procedure to resolve your complaints. You can download a copy below.

Step 1: Let us know asap

We need to know the nature of your complaint and how you think the problem should be resolved. You can do this by emailing

We will try and resolve any complaint within 7 business working days. If we are not able to do this we will write to you within five working days to either:

  • tell you what we have done to resolve the problem, or
  • acknowledge your complaint and let you know when you can expect a full response. We will also let you know how to contact the person or team dealing with your case.

If our investigations take longer, we will either provide a full response within four weeks, or give you an explanation of the position, with timescales for a full response. If at any stage you are still not happy for any reason, then this is what you need to do next:

Step 2: Follow up with one of our Board Members, who are in a position and able to expedite matters

Neil Williams
Peter Welch


The complaint will then be passed to the relevant executive for review. If further action is deemed necessary the complaint will be investigated. If further action is deemed unnecessary the complainant will be notified of that fact and the executive’s decision shall be final.


If the complaint is upheld the member should not normally have their membership revoked without first having received at least one written warning and having had the opportunity to improve their conduct. This principle does not prevent the Board from revoking membership.

If the complaint is an isolated incident and not a serious breach of the code of conduct, the member will normally receive a first written warning about their future conduct. Repeated or serious breach(s) of the code of conduct may result in a final written warning about their future conduct or revocation of membership status.

If the complaint against the member is so serious that it would constitute gross misconduct, the Board may determine that the member shall have their membership status revoked.

In addition to any sanction referred to above, the Board may also require the member to apologise to the complainant and/or take such remedial action as is reasonable in the circumstances to remedy the complaint. Please note that AOCS cannot be held financially responsible or can make redress for the actions of their members.


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