Find a supervisor

You can confidently select a qualified supervisor in your region, either by clicking on the Coverage page then zooming in to view the blue mini-profiles. If you like what you see, click on their full profile to view their detailed background, qualifications, etc. You can search by town/city or postcode/zipcode, or you can search by their name. Use the Coverage map to search by region to find an international supervisor, or search by language required.

You can then connect to selected supervisors to discuss what you need and to agree fees. No 'middle man' or agency to get in the way. If there is no supervisor near you, please consider supervision by telephone or Skype.

You can also contact the nearest Coordinator to discuss finding a supervisor nearer to you (look for the pink flags). Another option is to consider joining a supervision group. A small number of Affiliate Members (orange flag) are training to be supervisors and so may offer reduced rates whilst training and gaining experience; do seek a quote.

Looking for a specific service? Some of our members offer specific services such as coaching in other languages. See the drop-down page for these services. If you don't see what you need, please contact us for help: 

For example: Buscando un spansih hablando entrenador o entrenador supervisor?

Coach supervisors in training often need supervisees to work with to achieve the minimum supervision hours required. If you are willing to help please contact Shirley Smith on +43 6506583380 or email Number of sessions: 5 x 1 hour between now and the end of June at £150 per session.  


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