Why AOCS was formed

AOCS Conf 2011 004We believe there is a need for an association purely focusing on supervision, as supervision is still at its pioneering stage and a platform is needed to enable coaches and buyers of coaching to understand supervision better. The leading associations and academies acknowledge that supervision has been on the back-burner for awhile and has not been given wider exposure - we want to change that perception and give supervision greater publicity and a larger 'share of voice' in the coaching community.

There is frustration that a lot of coaches do not “get" supervision, whether this is the connotation of the word “supervision” or that coaches are nervous of the concept or, even more disturbingly, think that they don’t need it!

We are passionate about supervision and the benefits we know supervision brings. As clients benefit from a space to reflect, we believe coaches should too. Download our introductory document in pdf format below, for more information.


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