Supervision video series

Why should coaches invest in coach supervision?

See Clare Norman's excellent video short, taking us through they key benefits to be gained:

Afterwards, if you agree, head to the Find a Supervisor main tab and search for your new supervisor in a location near you, or virtually!

Visit Clare's website for more:

CSA Insight Film Series

In our busy globalised world, the challenges for professionals are increasing everywhere. Coaches, mentors and leaders have to step up, stretch and be at the top of our game to meet the demands of our 21st century VUCA world -volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous. Coach supervisors are well placed to understand the environments we all work in and which challenges currently face us most often. In this unique set of videos, experienced coach supervisors bring you the benefits of years of conversations with a wide range of professional and business people from across the world. Download the flyer here.

In each of these 15-minute videos, you will:

  • Encounter their honest reflections on their work with coaches and leaders.
  • Recognise the potency of supervision
  • Learn about what actually happens in supervision
  • Know the core dilemmas that practitioners worldwide, bring to supervision
  • Learn about key resolutions necessary in successful business and professional life
  • Benefit from original insights garnered from years of experience and deep conversations with clients
  • Benefit from many practical tools and tips

These videos are carefully targeted to cover key aspects of professional and business life for coaches, and other people professionals, who are immersed in 21st century organisational life. They will support coaches, mentors, leaders, educators and HR & OD practitioners to be more skilful, more aware and to ensure best practice in many contexts. 

Access the videos here:

  • Insight 1 from Edna Murdoch - registering and resolving systemic impact
  • insight 2 from Claire Genkai Breeze - coaching needs reformation to create practices and approaches fit for the way we work today
  • Insight 3 from Jackie Arnold - the challenges facing coaches who are working with remote & culturally-diverse clients and teams
  • Insight 4 from Elaine Patterson - Reflection and Reflective Practice: why bother?
  • Insight 5 from Alison Hodge - how does supervision support coaches to keep fit for purpose? The 3 pillars of supervision model.
  • Insight 6 from Miriam Orriss - TA and the Karpman Drama Triangle

AOCS video series

What 'tool' the supervisor chooses to use will depend on the issue raised. In this video we try to give an insight to the use of one specific tool, the Magic Box, to bring clarity to a coach's issue (Neil), as demonstrated here by Jackie Arnold, AOCS Ambassador. Reference is also made in the debrief segment afterwards to Peter Hawkins and Robin Shohet's '7-eyed model'. This model is available in our Member's area.

This video was made with the help of Mark Sonnex of Advantage Media. Mark can be contacted at and on =+44 (0)1732 355 334.


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