Developing best practice

Best practice to support an internal coaching or mentoring initiative

If you are in an organisation that wishes to support your internal coaches and mentors, or wish to resource a network of experienced and qualified coaching supervisors across the UK and internationally, to support your growth.

If you have an organisational initiative, such as establishing an internal coaching or mentoring cuture, we can provide you with leading-edge guidance to make your programme successful. We can also provide external supervisors to work with your team, especially when confidentiality and an external perspective is required.

Do view our worldwide 'supervision map' to contact your nearest supervisor, or contact us for help with finding the right supervisors for your needs at

Global Code of Ethics

The European Mentoring and Coaching Council & Association for Coaching, jointly launched the Global Code of Ethics in February 2016. A copy of it can be downloaded here. The Global Code of Ethics demonstrates a willingness to erase some of the confusion apparent in the industry generated by the availability of a range of codes.


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