Association Partners

AOCS form relevant partnerships with reciprocal arrangements where these make sense and extent our global reach. Current strategic partners include:


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Association for Coaching partnership – agreement with the AC enabling reciprocal benefits and new member offer for AC members to join us. AC members can join AOCS with a fee discount and access some of our benefits like workshops and tele-forums:


 ParEMCCtnership between EMCC International and AOCS

We have formed this mutually beneficial partnership between two forward looking associations, and encourage dual membership between our respective members. AOCS members are entitled to a membership fee discount with EMCC International. To join, select 'AOCS individual membership' from the membership menu:

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LVSC is the Dutch national association for supervision and coaching and was formed in the early 1980s and has approx 2,400 members including qualified supervisors. LVSC has 17 accredited training programmes for coaching and 12 accredited programmes for supervision. There are three master training programmes for supervision and coaching. Their website is For more information or enquiries about LVSC, please contact our Country Coordinator for Holland, Mieke Voogd:


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