About the Association of Coaching Supervisors

Our mission

To add value by exclusively focusing on coaching supervision issues from our mission to actively promote the role of supervision. Our core themes are to Promote, Engage, and Develop our members and the wider community!

We are a group of coach supervisors with the same mission, vision and values. We have a strong desire to raise the profile of coaching supervision, to generate media attention, and support coach supervisors and coaches with both practical and personal benefits. Specifically to:

  • Raise the profile of coaching supervisors amongst coaches and buyers of coaching
  • Inform and educate coaches and buyers of coaching about coaching supervision
  • Promote the value of coaching supervision to coaches and buyers of coaching services
  • Encourage all coaches to include coaching supervision as integral to their practise and development
  • Encourage buyers of coaching to include active supervision in their criteria when selecting coaches to work with (all are in regular supervision themselves so you can be re-assured of their ongoing CPD and quality)
  • Encourage all organisations using coaching skills and/or adopting a learning culture, to employ coaching supervisors to ensure best practise

Personal benefits include

Feeling part of a professional group of like-minded people who feel supported, challenged, informed and part of a developing community, where there is a place to:

  • share expertise
  • explore and develop ideas
  • enhance the respectability and professional recognition of the coaching industry

Practical benefits include

  • Access to research
  • Latest trends debated e.g. your views on accreditation
  • Forums to meet like-minded coaches and coach supervisors
  • Collective voice adding power to supervision
  • Providing direction
  • Cost savings - we aim to bring you relevant benefits at a reduced cost
  • Writing articles and blogs
  • Webinars/podcasts/videos on supervision in practice

Our focus and remit

Our core themes are to Promote, Engage, and Develop our members and the wider community!

We want to be professional and independent, yet aligned with other professional associations such as AC, ICF, EMCC, APECs, as the main body representing supervision. We don't want to replicate their current activities or to compete with them, but to partner and compliment their work. We have formed alliances and working partnerships with most of the bodies above.

AOCS can act as a voice for supervision within the coaching community and the wider business community, giving balanced views that are not totally black and white.

The association is objective, independent, with a wide exposure, offering different functions benefiting a variety of sectors.

We will share our collective wisdom, experience and knowledge for the benefit of our members and non-members.

We want to be professional, supportive, education-focused and respected as an association offering coach supervisors a place to reflect, improve and find great options for their supervisees.

We also want to offer organisations a choice of professional and experienced coach supervisors.

We focus the association to be:

  • Professional and effective
  • Supportive, caring and helpful
  • Interested and interesting
  • Open to professionals and diverse
  • Flexible, responsive and alert to trends
  • Leaders in this field
  • Developing best practice
  • Enhancing ethics and standards
  • Authoritative
  • Member-led

We have an active rosta of Honorary Members and Advisers who inform and guide us, some at annual Strategy Group meetings where we review progress, anticipate trends in coaching and supervision, and plan for the future. Our Board Members focus on governance and on achieving our annual plans and strategy.

In this section

What is ‘supervision’?

Supervision on a 1-1 or group basis is the formal opportunity for coaches working with clients to share,...

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Why AOCS was formed

AOCS Conf 2011 004 We believe there is a need for an association purely focusing on supervision, as...

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Why join AOCS?

AOCS is formed by people who care We believe there is a need for an association purely focusing on...

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Range of benefits & activities

Industry and market research in the field of coaching, coaching supervision, and mentoring Virtual learning resource for professional...

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Keep abreast of trends

The AOCS Strategy Group meet from time to time to review the latest trends in supervision, coaching and...

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Keep your leading edge

CPD for coaching supervisors and coaches AOCS helps to sustain the continuous professional development of it's members by offering...

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Developing best practice

Best practice to support an internal coaching or mentoring initiative If you are in an organisation that wishes to...

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Our Honorary Members, Advisors, & Lifetime Members

AOCS has regular support and guidance from our Honorary Members and from Advisors who are specialists in their...

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Association Partners

AOCS form relevant partnerships with reciprocal arrangements where these make sense and extent our global reach. Current strategic...

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Our Supervison Stories

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Supervision video series

Why should coaches invest in coach supervision? See Clare Norman's excellent video short, taking us through they key benefits...

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We have just listed some of the main coaching associations and academies in the UK here, most of...

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Our volunteers & helpers

Like many coaching associations that operate with 'no one on the payroll', a network of eager volunteers is...

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Contact Us

AOCS is resourced by volunteers so please allow 48 hours for us to respond to your enquiry or...

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Free resources

A few free downloads for you

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Our Chair and Board Members

Katherine Long took over the Chair role from Erik de Haan, effective November 2015. Our board members include: katherine.long...

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