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AOCS was formed by people who care passionately about coaching supervision. We believe there is a need for an association purely focusing on supervision to support the demand for, and current growth in, supervision. Find a qualified, pre-checked coaching supervisor quickly here; they are in regular supervision themselves to sustain ongoing quality of the service they provide.

We provide a platform to enable coaches and buyers of coaching to understand supervision better and to connect quickly and easily. Our core themes are to Promote, Engage, and Develop our members and with the wider community!

The leading associations acknowledge that coaching supervision is a distinct and critical component that supports and enables coaches to be at their best. They have added value by advocating ongoing supervision for their coach members, creating codes of ethics, and launching accreditation principles and processes for supervisors. We applaud and support these developments.

We want to give supervision wider exposure and a larger 'share of voice' in the coaching community. Do come and join us!

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About AOCS

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We are a not-for-profit association dedicated to promoting the understanding and use of coaching supervision amongst coaches, mentors and organisations. Find qualified supervisors quickly here - all are in regular...

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Reasons to join AOCS

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Our mission is...to promote, engage, and develop

Specifically, to add value by actively promoting the role of coaching supervision, to raise the profile of coaching supervision as a benefit for all...

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AOCS activity & events


See our Events page for master classes, workshops, webinars, conferences and see our blog for the latest news and opinions. Events are open to non-members and other association members too!...

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Latest news from AOCS

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Posted on 25 July 2016

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Posted on 28 June 2016

A little bit more conversation... We need to be growing the capacity for leaders to be more skilful conversationalists. We would consider too, the need to be bolder and more flexible... Read full post

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Posted on 31 May 2016

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Upcoming activity across North America

Current activity in North America includes: 

September 14, 2016 at 8 AM PT: CSA community Meeting 2 - Keeping the CSA Momentum Alive
CSA graduates are invited to a 1.5-hour connection session to update others on “what’s new” and how they have expanded the impact that CSA had on them and their work since graduating or since the last meeting in May. This quarterly meeting acts as both an update for CSA graduates and a way to stay connected as well as support for continued learning. For information contact Lynne DeLay delayl@oneworldleaders.com or Victor Harder victor.harder@ex-it.ca


January 2017: CSA - US announces its THIRD Diploma program in Coaching Supervision.

We are now taking applications for the CSA–US diploma program to be held in Seattle. Dates for the face-to-face sessions are: Jan 12-14, 2017; May 19-21 and September 15-16, 2017. For more information email Lynne De Lay delayl@oneworldleaders.com or Sam Magill Sam@sammagill.com 


Some recent activity included: 

July 11th, 2016 at 9-10am PT time: Group Supervision with Robin Shohet

Join Robin Shohet in experiencing Group supervision. Cost $100 or $180 for both May and July sessions with Robin. For more information contact: sam@sammagill.com


May 5th, 2016: Keeping the CSA Momentum Going

CSA graduates were invited to a 1.5 hour connection session to share how they have expanded the impact that CSA had on them and their work since graduating. For information contact Lynne DeLay delayl@oneworldleaders.com or Victor Harder victor.harder@ex-it.ca


April 25th, 2016: Discussion with Robin Shohet about Supervision

Join Robin Shohet for a one-hour interactive discussion about supervision. Cost 100 dollars. For more information contact Sam@sammagill.com. Open to CSA graduates.




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